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About us

Polar Jobs is greatly drawing on the deep values and meaning of the traditional Inuit symbol Inukshuk. Our logo, an inunnguaq, symbolises what Polar Jobs is all about: a place which offers working opportunities, guidance and directions to all people in Polar regions to support their vision of a better future. And it’s not a mere symbol as we want to support and collaborate with all those who have been there in the past to ensure that they will also be there in the future.

Our vision is to be the most comprehensive digital platform for working opportunities in Polar regions. We want to be a respected and extensive source of information about these unique parts of the world and make it available to those interested in the sustainable and safe development of the Arctic and Antarctic. We aim to be a guide for those seeing their lives there, now and in the future, and to support their efforts and progress.

See How We’re Dedicated to Your Success:

  • We offer an easy-to-use, transparent platform specific to the polar regions, both for job seekers and employers.
  • We are a central hub for jobs and job-related information in the polar regions.
  • We provide the most complete overview of job opportunities in both polar areas.
  • We easily connect job seeking professionals with employers.
  • We help employers gain more visibility and attractively introduce their company.
  • We actively support economic and social growth of local communities by eliminating workforce deficit.

Why work with us as an Employer?

  • We provide the possibility to advertise your open positions on our specialized website, share information on our social media channels and directly via our extensive network.
  • Leverage the possibility to present your company on our platform to job seekers, gaining attention, attraction and encouraging professionals to be part of your team.
  • We aim to represent as many industries as possible to assist with finding the candidates for all jobs needed. Each company who follows our Code of Conduct have the opportunity to work with us.
  • We offer the visibility to organizations and institutions whose job openings might not be easily visible for larger audiences without our services.
  • Job search services are available free of charge for job seekers, ensuring the possibility of large volume of potential, yet polar-specific candidates applying for the published vacancies.
  • Our different packages give the possibility to work with us with various financial background (we work with you to find the best solution for your company).
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Why check in with us as a Job Seeker?

  • Our job searching services are available free of charge for you.
  • Our job database is regularly updated with fresh and relevant open positions.
  • You can easily find and browse the job offer from large number of different companies, organizations, institutions in one place.
  • You may gain knowledge about small and large scale, public and private sector companies and organizations active in the polar regions.
  • We provide helpful guidance, articles, hints & tips about the polar regions to job seekers to assist their preparation for a successful career in the Arctic and Antarctic.
  • Get inspired by gaining professional and life experience in polar regions allowing to expand your future career opportunities.
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