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United States Antarctic Program   McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Assistant Lodging Coordinator

Governance, NGO, Public sector
West Antarctic region
2 weeks ago

As an Assistant Lodging Coordinator you are responsible for assisting with the day to day activities of the lodging department, including, but not limited to, room Inspections at McMurdo Station, updating community lists, corresponding with residents, and providing customer service to the McMurdo community.

  • Handles confidential matters (personnel actions, management reports, lodging issues, etc.) in accordance with management policy.
  • Interacts with the National Science Foundation, military and other agency officials, both over the telephone and in person, in a professional and tactful manner.
  • Provides direct support, using staff resources if necessary, to the achievement of all metrics related to ASC.
  • Complies with all ASC Environmental Health & Safety, and Quality Assurance, requirements and goals. Provides documentation to these divisions as necessary to ensure adequate and legal documentation.
  • Works to achieve ASC goals and contractual commitments
  • Responsible for assisting with McMurdo laundry facility or performing janitorial duties as determined by supervisor.
  • Participates in MCI trainings and drill as determined by supervisor.
  • Could be asked to perform janitorial duties if needed.
  • May be required to perform duties requiring repetitive motion.
  • Must be able to lift the safety regulation maximum on limited basis.
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring safety is the highest priority in the workplace.
  • Provides the lodging section of the McMurdo Station arrival brief presentation to all incoming ASC Staff and NSF Grantees upon arrival on the ice.
  • Represents the lodging department during the redeployment meetings, including presenting information on room inspections and other aspects of leaving station.
  • Conducts room inspections of individuals redeploying or leaving station to go to field camp to verify rooms are in “Move in Ready” condition.
  • Compiles and distributes the Station Services portion of the Situation Report.
  • Checks manifests, look ahead’s, population reports, and redeployment documents to compile lists for the purpose of room inspections.
  • May be required to work hours outside of normal Town schedule to accommodate arrival brief meetings, room inspections, lock outs, etc.
  • Must keep up to date distribution lists of residents in each dorm for the purposes of email notification.
  • Draft emails for building wide or station wide distribution for issues affecting station residents as required.
  • Keeps detailed lists of resident requests, night shift workers, lock outs, furniture swaps and other various projects.
  • Ensures the organization of dorm room keys, including collecting, relabeling, and putting away the keys as well as requesting additional keys be cut as needed.
  • Drafts documentation for key packets, room inspections, etc.
  • Creates and updates the Lodging Office Bulletin board which includes station population information.
  • Coordinates with Facilities to place work orders for residential issues as needed.
  • Must stay abreast of incoming flights for purposes including but not limited to putting linens in rooms for individuals due to arrive on station after hours.
  • Helps make key packets for incoming ASC staff and grantees arriving on station from off continent or on continent flights.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • High school graduate or GED.
  • Current ServSafe Food Handler certificate must be obtained prior to deployment to Antarctica.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid U.S. Passport
  • Minimum of one year experience in a secretarial, administrative assistant, or office management position required.
  • Basic computer skills with word processing, spreadsheets and databases required.
  • Previous experience with Station Services in Antarctica may be accepted in lieu of minimum experience.
  • US citizenship or permanent residency required.


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