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Northvolt   Skellefteå, Västerbotten, Sweden

Associate Material Flow Automation Engineer

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6 months ago

Are you an engineering graduate ready to pioneer the future of sustainable energy? Northvolt’s gigafactory in Skellefteå, Sweden is calling for your expertise! If you’re passionate about making an impact and contributing to a cleaner planet, check out our available roles Material Flow team.

What do we offer?

At Northvolt, we’ve come to realize that with great purpose comes great power. The tougher the problem is to solve, the more we evolve. That’s what we offer: the opportunity to grow as a person, taking pride and responsibility in making the world’s greenest batteries at a massive scale.

Exciting, right? But how does this translate into a practical opportunity for you, whether you’re on the cusp of graduating or already actively seeking your dream engineering job?

As a fresh graduate, you’ll be integrated into material flow team. At Northvolt, we believe in providing hands-on experience right from the start. Therefore, all new engineers kickstart their careers by working in shifts. Your schedule will encompass morning, day, and night shifts, offering you a truly immersive experience in battery production. This invaluable opportunity will enable you to grasp the core of our operations and gain valuable insights.

Let us introduce the material flow team!


Material Flow:

Material Flow lies at the core of Northvolt Ett’s operations. Join us in developing innovative strategies to streamline material movement, storage and logistics within our advanced facilities. As a Material Flow Engineer, you’ll play a pivotal role in minimizing waste, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Skills & Requirements:


To embark on this exciting journey with us, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in engineering is the key. This educational foundation ensures not only a strong technical base, but also a relentless drive for excellence that’s at the heart of our team.

Don’t miss your chance to join Northvolt in Skellefteå and embark on a rewarding career dedicated to engineering a sustainable future.

Your skills will be nurtured, your achievements celebrated, and your impact significant.

Please remember to send your application in English.

Great Place to Work:

World leading technique

Top specialists as team peers

International environment

Fast paced & entrepreneurial culture

Warrant program

Wellness grant

About Northvolt:

Northvolt makes green batteries for a blue planet. Affordable cells and high-quality battery systems. All manufactured with a record-low carbon footprint. Purposely built to provide Europe with the opportunity to switch to renewable energy – efficiently and entirely.

To accomplish this, we do things differently. We design, manufacture, and recycle everything under one roof. We even build our own factories. All this is incredibly challenging and requires us to think in unconventional ways. We’re constantly experimenting, learning and adapting to make batteries so great – they will one day make oil history.

Northvolt is growing fast. We’re staffing our international office in Stockholm, our R&D facility, Northvolt Labs, in Västerås, as well as our Gdansk facility for production of battery systems. We’re also hiring for our gigafactory Northvolt Ett in Skellefteå, Sweden. We want to work with smart individuals from all disciplines. Strong individuals that truly want to make a positive impact on the future. Those of us already on board share a passion for our mission. We’re prepared to work hard in pursuit of excellence. We enjoy the ride and our main drive is to make a difference for real. As a team, we’re dedicated to thinking new, working hard and having fun.