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Marine Laboratory Technician

Tech, Industries, Private sector
West Antarctic region
2 months ago
Job purpose:

Performs engineering and sciences support functions aboard US Antarctic Program research vessels. This may include constructing, testing, calibrating, and modifying devices or instruments, materials, and/or planning and sample processing activities. Interprets and assesses project requirements; coordinates logistics and technical equipment to support requirements of engineering teams or scientists conducting research and/or experiments. Provides overall coordination and support between engineering/scientists, procurement, logistics and other teams. Conducts safety activities and training.

Duties and responsibilities:
  • Responsible for assisting in operation, maintenance, safety, and cleanliness of vessel laboratory operations.
  • Responsible for coordination of lab equipment and instrument use between engineering and science teams, as well as maintenance, testing, and calibration of instruments; may include modifying, and possibly constructing devices or instruments; maintains inventory/database of all scientific equipment.
  • Responsibilities also include the oversight of retrograde cargo and sample packing, labeling, and documentation, and the packaging/documentation of all hazardous and radioactive waste.
  • Responsible for the lab safety of all personnel on the cruise; conducts safety training/orientation to all laboratory users; responsible for assisting clean-up of hazardous chemical spills.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the Marine Laboratory Technician, Senior on the scheduling of training and proficiency examinations in the areas of hazardous waste management, radioactive waste management, transportation of dangerous goods by air, sea and ground (IATA, IMDG, CFR), and optional emergency medical training.
  • Position will be located on a research vessel. The standard work schedule for this position is 84 hours per week. (Monday through Sunday, 12 hours per day.)
  • All other duties as assigned.
  • Bachelor degree is required. Degree in Marine Biology, Biology, Oceanography or Natural Science is preferred. Experience may be considered in lieu of degree.
  • Minimum of two years’ experience in a university, research vessel, or industrial laboratory setting.
  • Knowledge of one or more of the methods involved in various disciplines, such as Geology and Geophysics, Oceanography, Chemistry, Biology and Biological/Chemical Oceanography is required.
  • Operational knowledge of Windows XP and MS Office Products is required.
  • Previous experience working in Antarctica is preferred.
  • S. citizenship or permanent residence is required.
  • Technical Capacity
  • Organizational Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Problem Solving/Analysis
Other requirements:
  • Deployment will be required in this position. The individual in the position must successfully complete the physical and dental examinations as required by the NSF for deploying to Antarctica..
  • Applicant must pass an extended background investigation.
  • Complies with applicable safety, environment, health, and waste management policies and procedures.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions.

Failure to meet these requirements may result in withdrawal of employment offer or other employment action.

Position Expectations:

This is a full-time, temporary, contract position. Job assignment can end at any given time.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity employer as defined by the EEOC.



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